Wet Wipes

Product Description

• With its pure water and cotton softness, Golden wet towels gently clean your baby’s skin and never irritate it.

• It is produced from %99 pure water and natural cellulose fibers.

• It is produced for the babies of all ages and for your personal daily usage hygienically.

• Protects your baby’s skin against external factors and purifies his/her skin from microbes.

• With its production of combination of water and cotton, Golden Wet Towels, cleans your    
    baby’s fragile body without harming it thanks to its pure formula and helps your baby to      grow healthfully by protecting his/her skin.

• Due to its balanced ph level it is in a harmony with your baby’s skin.

• Passed successfully from all dermatological tests on sensitive skins.

• Doesn’t contain alcohol, paraben, phtlate, SLS (Sodium Lauret Sulfate), dye, perfume, sulfate 
    and allergenicsubstance.

• Provides one hand usage convenience thanks to its ergonomic cover.