Welcome to Arıcan Export

Arıcan Foreign Trade Inc., which operates within the Arıcan Group, meets the needs of our customers in the most efficient way by keeping pace with the dynamics and trends of the changing world.Therefore we have become the symbol of the reliance and quality in mersin.


Why Us?

Geolopolitical Location

Turkey is one of the convenient export countries due to its geopolitical location.

Mersin the Trade Base

Mersin is located in the region’s most critical point, with the international part, free zone, highway connections, road, aviation maritime and railway intersection of Turkish trade base. It is the most significant starting point of Turkey’s world trade.

Strong Brand

With our group companies that have been operating for many years, we closely follow the developing and growing world economy and offer our customers the demands in the best way.



Phone: +90 542 469 35 28
Address: Akkent Mh. 23152 Sk. No: 35 Arıcan Ak Apartmanı Kat: 1 No: 2 Yenişehir / MERSİN / TURKEY